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Our suggested events, to keep you going until Christmas!

The Advent period leads up to the eagerly awaited evening of Christmas Eve. Alsace remains true to this tradition, and we have prepared a packed programme of festive event highlights for you, including Christmas markets, concerts and workshops with something to be enjoyed every day in your Advent calendar! Here is a selection of suggested events for a great Christmas !

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from the 11/12/2019 to the 11/12/2019 (...)
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from the 11/12/2019 to the 11/12/2019
from the 18/12/2019 to the 18/12/2019
from the 23/12/2019 to the 23/12/2019
from the 29/12/2019 to the 29/12/2019

From legends to yesteryear traditions, take part in the magic of Christmas, made of humanity, laughter and warmth, mystery and hope !

from the 14/12/2019 to the 14/12/2019 (...)
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from the 14/12/2019 to the 14/12/2019
from the 15/12/2019 to the 15/12/2019
from the 21/12/2019 to the 21/12/2019
from the 22/12/2019 to the 22/12/2019

Come discover a tiny Christmas market in the Kochersberg. It offers a host of concerts, craft workshops, light shows and many more surprises! In passing, visit the exhibition 'Tables in celebrations', proposed at the museum.