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The land of mysteries

The Land of Mysteries: where Christmas reveals its secrets

A mysterious aura hangs over Alsace at Christmas time: which magic causes gifts to suddenly appear at the foot of the Christmas tree? What sort of magic spell is it which sees countless streets suddenly decked out with illuminations in the space of a night? Who is Hans Trapp, a legendary character and a terrifying cousin of the Bogeyman? Christmas in Alsace whispers its secrets to you here in the Land of Mysteries!

A region with fascinating folklore, Northern Alsace is a land of dense forests and legendary castles, in the heart of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park. Here, you can learn the secrets of making Alsatian pottery in Betschdorf or Soufflenheim, and explore the Forest of Haguenau (the largest in Alsace) or beyond it discover the lands of the Outre Forêt region! Join us in the Land of Mysteries for a programme packed with surprises and legends!


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Crowns of the Advent, and decorative subjects for Christmas… Come to discover the creativity of young and old which knew how to brought one second life to many natural products. Vote for your favorite creation until mid-December.

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