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The land of light

The Land of Light: where Christmas sparkles with a thousand lights

Light is central to the Christmas festivities in Alsace: the hundreds of illuminations, the gentle glow of the candles and the sparkling eyes of children together announce the approach of Christmas! This is the same light which illuminates the Land of Light. Located in Northwest Alsace, this area crossed by the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park is the homeland of the legendary character Christkindel, who wears a crown of candles on his head, symbolising the victory of light over darkness.

The various attractions along the way to be discovered in this area are all in their own ways little flames lighting the way for visitors: Saverne and the majestic Château des Rohan, Lalique, Saint Louis and Meisenthal, not to mention prestigious glass and crystal makers’ districts. We have selected the main events which bring the Land of Light to life. Come along and enjoy a sparkling Christmas!

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