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The land of Christmas trees

The Land of Christmas Trees: where Christmas traditions are alive and well !

At Christmas time, the Christmas tree brings a touch of added majesty to the whole region of Alsace. It enjoys pride of place in all the main squares of Alsace’s towns and villages. Woody fragrances permeate peoples’ homes and the branches are used to make the famous Advent wreaths. As a symbol of vitality during the harshness of winter, the Christmas tree draws incredible strength from the earth, with its roots in central Alsace.

History and spirituality have a special place in the Land of Christmas trees. In the Humanist Library of Sélestat at the foot of Mont Saint Odile and the Haut Koenigsbourg, we find the first ever written mention of a Christmas tree dating from 1521. For its part, Gertwiller has jealously protected the secrets of gingerbread making since 1806. A heritage which is used to great effect during the Christmas celebrations in the Land of Christmas trees. Come along and experience it !


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The Musiciens du Choeur made up of 200 choir singers and 18 musicians will perform a varied Christmas programme conducted by René Rietzmann.