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Christmas exhibitions

Craftsman-made treasures at the Christmas exhibitions

In Alsace, the Christmas spirit is alive and well behind every window with shiny red baubles decorating the Christmas tree or ceramic mangers representing the Nativity. Numerous exhibitions give pride of place to these craftsman-made treasures so typical of Christmas time. These attractive showcases pay tribute to the creative spirit and the know-how of these artists, whose hands skilfully shape and capture the authenticity of Christmas in Alsace.

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Enter in the fabulous and enchanting world of legends and folk tales. You dream to meet them, they will all be there : St Nicholas, Hans Trapp, Hansel & Gretel, SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs, the Little Red Riding Hood, Saint Lucia... and many others. Their stories will be staged in a smart decor in the heart of the medieval city...